Music Lessons

At Park Avenue Music Center we consistently see musicians who seek music instruction quickly move to the top chairs in their ensembles. We’re proud to be part of the learning process that leads to appreciation and enjoyment of music.

Our professional teachers offer a range of styles and approaches to education that are sure to put you on the path to success. Students of all ages and skill levels are welcome. Lessons are taught in the studios at our shop in San Jose.

Our teachers manage their own schedules and set their own rates.  Contact the teacher directly for more info.



Joe Amaral: Trumpet (408) 694-7809

Scott Hartman: French Horn & Trumpet (408) 781 - 0019

Kelly Hesterberg: French Horn (408) 677-1674

Manny Mendoza: Tuba, Euphonium, & Trombone [email: ]



Lisa Baratta: Sax & Clarinet (650) 483-0832

Howard Cespedes: Flute, Clarinet, & Sax (650) 714-6139

Bruce Foster: Clarinet (816) 217-2255

Sean Gumin: Bassoon & Sax

Ali Gessner: Oboe (502) 321 - 3879

Naomi Robinson: Oboe, Flute, Sax (408) 368-1162

Piano, Voice, & Strings


Christine Capsuto: Voice (408) 216-7394

Nicole Cooper: Voice (408)603-7464

Jim Fowler: (408) 482 - 9939

Emily Lin: Piano & Violin (408) 859-4338

Carolyn Shannon: Violin (408) 359-7323